Lunar New Year







Ms SHING Eastern Victoria



Lunar New Year


Thursday, 22 February 2018


Lunar New Year

Ms SHING (Eastern Victoria) (10:01:19) — I rise to wish everyone a very prosperous and happy Lunar New Year. Gong hei fat choy to everybody celebrating the Year of the Earth Dog. The year 2018 is a time when wisdom, common sense and an outward‑looking perspective should prevail, if we have reference to Chinese astrology and all of the wisdom that it brings. I hope that everyone across the community is enjoying wearing red, buying new things and cleaning the house. I know that for many people it is a time for family to come together, to enjoy good food, to catch up with people you have not seen for a long period of time and to cast your mind forward to a prosperous and healthy year ahead. Many best wishes to everyone celebrating Tet, celebrating the Lunar New Year and getting engaged in all things related to Earth dogs.