I rise today to congratulate Search and Rescue Dogs Australia (SARDA), an entirely volunteer-based organisation which combines the very best of canine sensory perception with a very, very deep bond with human trainers, who are also the family members of these dogs. Search and Rescue Dogs Australia means that we have dogs on the ground who can participate in finding people who are lost, disoriented or potentially unconscious within a very short amount of time. One well-trained dog, such as BB or Tank, can replace 40 line searchers and assist with the work involving the combination of canine and human efforts to locate people often lost in difficult and remote circumstances. The fact that SARDA can get a grant to continue its work with training, technology, education and the resourcing to partner with organisations such as the Country Fire Authority means that we are continuing to develop this resource. It is really wonderful to see that first and foremost in all of this is animal welfare and to make sure that, again, the strengths and efforts of organisations like SARDA can continue with support from the Andrews Labor government.