Friday, 9th February

One hundred and twenty delegates came from across the region, representing the education sector, local government, support/service agencies and community groups to participate in the first Gippsland Learning and Knowledge Exchange Dialogue and hear from the PhD students undertaking research on behalf of this research collaboration.

Member for Eastern Victoria, Harriet Shing officially opened the Gippsland Learning and Knowledge Exchange.  This was the first of the monthly exchanges delivered throughout 2018 and will focus on building and nurturing the relationships between those who produce research and those who might use the research knowledge to enable an exchange of information and ideas.

The Inner Gippsland Children and Youth Area partnerships, Federation University Australia, Monash University and its community sector partners, have established this initiative.

It is setting Gippsland up as a leader and innovator of building evidence based practice to improve the outcome of Gippsland children, young people and families.

The Children and Youth Area Partnerships were established in recognition that collaborative, place-based approaches are required to address the complex challenges and effectively improve outcomes for children and young people.

For many towns and places in Gippsland, increases in family violence incidents, children needing protection, offending, substance abuse and youth unemployment are occurring.  Current research has identified that individuals alone cannot solve all the issues and the Andrews Victorian Government will work with the community to provide real opportunities for economic and social participation, and a cohesive community life.

Inner Gippsland Area Partnerships have developed a partnership with Federation University that provides scholarships to doctoral and masters students to:
• advance and apply research knowledge,
• implement evidence-informed approaches in practice,
• promote greater multidisciplinary and cross-sector collaboration, and
• build the regional workforce research capacity.
Partners of Area Partnerships have made financial contributions to establish the scholarships.

The 2018 schedule is an exciting program of Webinars and Workshops on areas such as
• Mental health
• Voice of children
• Trauma
• Health and Innovation
• Family Engagement

Quotes attributable to Member for Eastern Victoria, Harriet Shing:

“This research collaboration is a significant and extremely positive development in a partnership that will make a real difference to Gippsland’s children”

“The sector collaboration that are being established within the Gippsland area partnership will enable service providers , young people, and their families and the community at large to more actively understand and improve mental health , trauma , health and innovation, and family engagement.’

“The work that will be undertaken throughout 2018 is something that I am proud to support, now and into the future.”