Monday, 2 September 2019

Eastern Victoria schools will get a share of $515 million in the single largest, statewide boost to school maintenance ever undertaken, thanks to an unprecedented investment by the Andrews Labor Government.

Member for Eastern Victoria Region, Harriet Shing, said this funding will support schools across the electorate to ensure every student can attend a great local government primary, secondary or specialist school by tackling maintenance issues proactively.

In the Evelyn Electorate 18 schools will benefit from $1,908,549.00 and in the Gembrook Electorate, 17 schools will share in $$2,228,659.00 See table at end of release.

The investment will more than double funding for maintenance at Victoria’s state schools over the next two financial years, with more than $300 million to be invested in 2019/20 and $290 million in 2020/21.

It will enables schools to do essential works such as painting, replacing carpet and windows, landscaping, tree inspections and maintenance of infrastructure like septic systems and water services.

This increased investment will enable principals to get on with the job of leading Victoria’s schools, by providing more funds to maintain the state’s 36,000 school buildings, while supporting schools to cater to the 115,000 additional students who are expected to enter the education system over the next five years.

The package complements the Labor Government’s recent initiatives to support schools to manage and maintain their facilities, including the Rolling Facilities Evaluation and the rollout of maintenance plans for each school.

The Labor Government is investing $170.5 million in emergency and incident response over five years, including an extra $57.8 million to address issues such as septic system failure, termite damage, mould, roof and floor damage, and $76.4 million to respond to unforeseen incidents and events such as storms, fire or flooding.

Schools in some of the state’s highest-risk bushfire areas will also have access to more funds to ensure they are ‘bushfire ready’, thanks to $44.2 million over five years for fire preparedness activities like vegetation removal.

Quotes attributable to Member for Eastern Victoria Region, Harriet Shing

“We know students get the most out of their education when they have safe, modern classrooms to learn in, and first-rate facilities the school community can feel proud of.”

“The Victorian Government is investing $515 million in our state schools to ensure our students can attend a great local school and get a great education.”


School Number School Amount Funded
876 Lilydale Primary School  $                   51,069
1033 Wandin Yallock Primary School  $                   63,168
1034 Yering Primary School  $                   41,576
2820 Seville Primary School  $                   65,893
2956 Gruyere Primary School  $                   56,060
3642 Mount Evelyn Primary School  $                   86,085
3892 Wandin North Primary School  $                   69,361
5009 Manchester Primary School  $                   51,745
5011 Bimbadeen Heights Primary School  $                   69,656
5048 Birmingham Primary School  $                120,029
5057 Victoria Road Primary School  $                   55,754
5127 Coldstream Primary School  $                   79,050
5194 Chirnside Park Primary School  $                   70,533
5241 Rolling Hills Primary School  $                103,305
5246 Yarra Ranges Special Developmental School  $                136,137
7219 Lilydale Heights College  $                155,966
7995 Lilydale High School  $                331,729
8071 Mooroolbark College  $                301,432
TOTAL   $      1,908,549.00


School Number School Amount Funded
40 Berwick Primary School  $                123,031
1697 Harkaway Primary School  $                197,079
2506 Gembrook Primary School  $                   77,551
2560 Beaconsfield Upper Primary School  $                313,418
2742 Officer Primary School  $                   50,771
3033 Beaconsfield Primary School  $                108,704
3381 Emerald Primary School  $                   91,083
3535 Cockatoo Primary School  $                   79,333
5213 Berwick Lodge Primary School  $                   85,829
5370 Pakenham Hills Primary School  $                   93,221
5527 Pakenham Primary School  $                   81,181
5550 Officer Specialist School  $                106,189
5563 Bridgewood Primary School  $                   59,092
7603 Berwick Secondary College  $                255,900
8707 Emerald Secondary College  $                190,917
8865 Nossal High School  $                158,696
8907 Officer Secondary College  $                156,663
TOTAL   $           2,228,659.00