Wednesday 21 August 2019

The Member for Eastern Victoria, Harriet Shing MLC, has congratulated Lilydale Heights College for reducing its environmental impact through the Victorian Government’s ResourceSmart Schools program.

Since 2008 participating schools have saved $26 million through energy, waste and water savings. ResourceSmart Schools has reached more than 1,400 schools who have an estimated student population of over 200,000.

Schools participating in the program are awarded up to five stars for completing modules in relation to water, waste, energy and biodiversity and are provided with free assistance from sustainability experts.

The school is recognised for achieving its first star as part of Sustainability Certification and saving over $48,000 through their involvement in the ResourceSmart Schools program. The school’s 1Star certification achievement demonstrates the school’s commitment to sustainability.

ResourceSmart Schools is a free program which assists schools to embed sustainability in everything they do – linking sustainability to school operations, the school’s curriculum and engaging with the school community.

Managed by Sustainability Victoria, the program is a platform for schools across the state to teach students to make sustainable changes for the future.

Lilydale Heights College is encouraging other schools in the region to sign up for the ResourceSmart Schools program if they haven’t already.

The Victorian Government committed $2.78 million in the 2019-20 Budget to continue the delivery of the ResourceSmart Schools program.

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Quotes attributable to the Member for Eastern Victoria, Harriet Shing MLC 

“This certification recognises the great work of the dedicated teachers and staff at the Lilydale Heights College.”

“The program gives kids a real, hands on understanding of sustainability and the environment.”