Tuesday, 14 March 2017

The Andrews Labor Government will invest an additional $20 million to support large-scale energy storage initiatives across Victoria, creating jobs, protecting affordability and maintaining the reliability of our energy grid.

Premier Daniel Andrews and Minister for Energy and Environment Lily D’Ambrosio made the announcement, which takes the Government’s total investment in energy storage to $25 million, during a tour of Tesla’s Melbourne headquarters.

This new funding will support energy storage companies that specialise in technologies including batteries, pumped hydro or solar thermal, partner with network businesses to boost energy storage capacity in Victoria up to 100MW by the end of 2018
For example, a 20MW battery could power a town the size of Bendigo or Ballarat for up to four hours during a peak demand period and avoid outages.

Storage of this size is a first for Victoria and will drive innovation in our electricity sector and modernise the network – it means more investment and more jobs
Energy storage, micro-grids and internet-enabled technologies, coupled with renewable energy sources, can also be used to better manage energy demand, especially in peak periods.

Alongside this investment, the Government is also setting up an Energy Taskforce of Cabinet to ensure Victoria remains one of the most affordable and reliable energy systems in the world. It will hold its first meeting today.

Expressions of interest for the second round of tenders are being sought by April 15 2017 and should be sent to

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Quotes attributable to Premier Daniel Andrews:

“Victoria will remain a net exporter of energy, but investments like this will ensure our state stays as one of the most reliable energy producers in the world.”

Our focus is on keeping Victoria’s diverse energy system as affordable, resilient and secure as possible, particularly during peak periods and extreme weather events.”
Quotes attributable to Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change Lily D’Ambrosio:

“This investment is about using all the technology available to us to ensure the security and reliability of our energy supply, while creating jobs.”

Quotes attributable to Member for Eastern Victoria, Harriet Shing:

This $20 million investment in large-scale energy storage will better equip Victoria to deliver renewable, affordable and reliable energy.”

“Investing in large-scale storage to complement the existing volumes already being produced will provide stability for the grid and for Victorian power bills.”