Thursday, 20 September 2018

Gippsland GPs will work with leading cancer researchers on a new initiative aimed at driving down harm caused by preventable liver cancer.

Member for Eastern Victoria Harriet Shing today announced a $1.56 million grant for the Improving Cancer Outcomes for Upper Gastrointestinal Cancers partnership.

Doctors at the Gippsland Primary Health Network will be given new tools and resources to help identify local people at risk of viral hepatitis and liver cancer, or better care for those already diagnosed.

People living with viral hepatitis in Gippsland will also be part of the research, with programs aimed at better educating them about their liver cancer risk. An easy-to-use online app will provide important information to patients, and help them manage their condition.

Most cases of liver cancer are preventable, but people living with hepatitis B or hepatitis C should take steps to ensure their risk of getting liver cancer doesn’t increase. The research program aims to help doctors zero in on those in the community who need to access treatment or preventative measures the most.

The Victorian Cancer Agency’s Cancer Health Services Research Grants arm our best medical research experts with the tools and resources they need to develop new ways to treat cancer – and work towards finding a cure.

More people are surviving cancer than ever before. The five-year survival rate for Victorians diagnosed with cancer has increased from 48 per cent in 1986 to 68 per cent in 2016 thanks to major advances in cancer prevention, treatment and research.

The Labor Government’s Victorian Cancer Action Plan 2016-20 has set an ambitious target of saving 10,000 lives from cancer in the next 10 years.

Since it was established by the former Labor Government in 2006, the Victorian Cancer Agency has invested more than $190 million towards cancer research.

Quotes attributable to Member for Eastern Victoria Harriet Shing

“People living with hepatitis face an increased risk of developing liver cancer, but with the right treatment and management they can avoid it altogether. That’s what this research program is all about.”

“This is a terrific opportunity for the Gippsland medical community to work with some of Victoria’s most accomplished cancer researchers to drive down the harm caused by this insidious disease.”

“Victoria has some of the best cancer survival rates in the world – and it’s testament to our proud track record investing in world-class cancer prevention, treatment and research.”